Daniel Meredith "The Wild Chef"

Slowcooked venison – My favourite!


Who loves slow cooked venison? It’s one of my favourites. I like to braise in the oven cause I can pack more in. But a crockpot  will work! Venison rump, shanks, flaps, neck chops, all provide great flavour. Remember there’s so much flavour in the bone so leave it whole. Sear your meat first, Bit of stock, vegetables, and fresh herbs, garlic. Tomato paste & crushed tomato. The trick is low and slow! 

After about 6 hours, skim any fat off, shred the meat back into the stew and discard the bones. You can even freeze and portion but I doubt it will last long!! Yum! Absolutely stunning with a glass of @sileniwines syrah yum! 



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