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Smokey Antelope backsteaks with curry sauce

Last year i was in Wyoming cooking at a big hunting outfitter. 1 guy had been on a crazy chase for a particular Antelope all week, and when he has finally taken it down, it was a well deserved feast indeed. I made it my task to make it the best they’ever tasted, so i decided to serve it with a curry sauce. For the Antelope grazes on Wyoming sage brush – not the most ideal of feeds for animals when it comes to eating them, it can be hard to mask the game taste. I aged the meat like i do all wild game, about 7 days at least. The cut of choice were the backsteaks and i did a simple marinade of olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs (parsley, lemon thyme, smoked paprika, cracked black pepper & sea salt).

While that is doing its thing, i made the curry sauce:

2cups whipping cream 

1 onion

2 TBSP curry powder

1 TBSP cumin powder

1 TBSP mustard powder

1 Tsp coriander powder

pinch of turmeric


curry leaf if available

white wine

Basically lightly sweat the onion & garlic, add the spices and then de-glaze with the white wine. add the cream & reduce to half, or a sauce consistency.


Sear the meat heavy on all sides and cook till medium, about 15-25min depending on the size. its important to let it rest and let the juices flow.

Great served with some fresh watercress, & roasted baby carrots!

Enjoy 🙂 


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