Daniel Meredith "The Wild Chef"

Wild game

In New Zealand we are lucky to have a wide variety of wild foods at our doorstep. This provides many of us with the opportunity to nourish our dinner table with foods such as wild pork or venison, water fowl, and even small game such as rabbits.

New Zealand venison is one of the healthiest – and most delicious – red meats you can eat and top chefs are now featuring New Zealand venison on the menus of some of the world’s finest restaurants. With no natural predators, besides hunters, wild deer populations in New Zealand have reached almost destructive levels in the native forests and hunters are encouraged to help themselves, allowing for a incredibly sustainable industry. Wild venison is extremely low in fat and naturally free range and organic. Deer have recently been farmed in New Zealand for its meat, and the industry prides itself in exporting free range venison, raised in wide open pastures, that features a slightly less gamey taste than its wild counterparts

The freedom to harvest food from the wild is considered a basic right of New Zealanders and one everyone should give a go!

Venison is an incredibly versatile product and is perfect for any style of cookery! – its use is limited only by your imagination. Try it in a salad, in a stir-fry,slow-cooked or atop a pizza, as a spicy satay or in your favourite pasta dish. It’s also ideal for the barbecue as a steak, medallions, or kebabs in those hot summer months.

Cooking with wild game is super fun, and as long as you treat it with care, its always a sure fire winner at any event.





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